Rome's most beautiful squares and fountains!

The "piazze" and fountains are in Rome what the temples are in Kyoto - outright unavoidable!

They alone form the heart of the city and, despite their popularity, are appreciated both locals and tourists.
Forming a natural route on both banks of Rome, they can easily visit in two days


Undoubtedly one of the most photographed in Rome, it owes its name to the presence of the Spanish Embassy that settled on the square in the 17th century. The square is lined with beautiful buildings with warm colors. But what makes the reputation of the Spanish Steps is the perspective of the Barcaccia fountain at the Church of the Trinity of the Mountains, connected by a beautiful staircase built in the eighteenth century.


In the heart of the Vatican, it is the great geometric purity of this square that allows it to distinguish itself from others. Indeed, its two hemicycles, supported by a quadruple colonnade, give it a monumental appearance that does honor to its position at the foot of the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome.
The best place to appreciate the architecture is from the dome of the basilica.


This square is full of morning activity (with its flower dealers) in the evening (with its nightclubs).
In the center, the statue of the monk Giordano Bruno (burned alive in 1600 during the Inquisition) contrasts with the old mansions that surround it.


The most elegant and the largest of all the Roman squares. Bordered on both sides by several restaurants with pink and orange facades, this is the ideal place to enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace.
It is built on the ruins of Domitian stadium dating from the 1st century, of which it preserves the exact form. It is one of the most beautiful ensembles of Baroque architecture in Rome, with its monumental architectural decoration (Gian Lorenzo Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers, St. Agnes's Church in Agone ...).

Fueled by an aqueduct dating from the year XIX BC, this famous fountain in the shape of a triumphal arch owes some of its popularity to the spectacular statue of Neptune on a chariot pulled by two sea horses and two newt waterfalls.
Lovers of Rome, turn your back to the fountain and throw away three coins: this will guarantee that you will return to visit the capital one day.


With the twin churches Santa Maria in Montesanto and Santa Maria dei Miracoli as well as the Pincio hanging gardens, this square was once a place for public executions.
It now has a 25-meter-high granite obelisk imported from Egypt by Pope Sixtus V in the sixteenth century.


Dominated by the Triton fountain and its dolphins, Piazza Barberini displays the coat of arms of the papal family of the same name - the bees.
They are found in several places and in different forms from one end of the square to the other.


A monumental square, composed of three great Roman monuments: the Capitol, the monument to Victor Emmanuel II and the Palazzo Venezia, it is also known as a particularly dense traffic node. Linked to the history of Italy and Rome, Vittoriano pays tribute to the first unified king of Italy in the 19th century, Palazzo Venezia was the residence of the fascist dictator Mussolini, and the Capitol, one of the seven hills Of Rome and religious center of ancient Rome.

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